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set it & forget it? never.

Machine algorithms have arrived for paid search media management. But automation is one piece of the puzzle. Humans are required to uncover insights, patterns, and be on the hook for sales.  

We’ve handled over 2000 paid search accounts and know to harness technology and human insights to deliver. The backbone of our practice is kaizen – continuous improvement, so you’re always seeing more and better.


  • Speed to market. New campaigns, new products, and new initiatives launch fast.
  • Better ROI. We work to understand how purchases, micro-conversions, lifetime value, and offline activity factor into your investment, ensuring your marketing is working harder at multiple stages of the purchase journey.
  • Smart, custom automation. Want to add hundreds of new products to your campaign each week? No problem. We rely on automation when it makes the most sense.

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43% decrease in CPA

for an apartment management company, continuous optimization of their campaigns allowed us to increase lead volume without an increase in budget.

+117% revenue growth YOY

for a 3-location bike shop.

Google Premier Partner

certified for more than 5 years

over $750,000 managed

we manage over $750,000 in search marketing spend

From the time we met, I felt confident that Two Octobers was focused on achieving results. They asked more probing questions about specific metrics that I have not come across with other agencies. They clearly defined success metrics based on our goals and explain how they were calculating those metrics.

– Kari Kelley, Director of Digital Products & Marketing, Baker’s Square

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A partner who works closely with you to maximize ROAS.

sem coaching

Starting at $1,000. One-on-one training so you can drive better results in your campaigns

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Get a feel for our work by reviewing great stories from customers we've worked with.


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search ad ctrs by age

I teach search engine marketing at a local university, and I love hearing the perspective of young people on trends in digital marketing. One question that has come up in more than one class is, “do people really click on search ads?” 

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does your paid search strategy drive real results?